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    Monte Reyment

    Regret is usually a direct result of not "Taking Action"

    Andy Reyment or as most call him "Monte", joined the real estate world during a long career as a college recruiting specialist. Monte has helped over 4500 high school student-athletes begin their recruiting journeys. During his time as a recruiting specialist he began to dabble in flipping houses and real estate investing and has since developed a passion for real estate.

    Monte is a graduate of Pulaski High School and after going away for college to pursue track and field, football and a degree in coaching and business. He returned to his roots and settled down in Suamico. He coached for several years at the high school and middle school levels before becoming a recruiting specialist. During his mid to late 20s he owned a bathroom remodeling company.

    Monte specializes in sales and has an eye for what a property needs to be ready to sell. He has a strong network of contractors and consultants who he can call upon when needed.

    He is also the Team Leader of the Take Action Real Estate Team at Symes Realty.

    If you are looking for an honest, straight forward approach to your real estate needs give Monte or a member of his team a call.

    Photo of Monte Reyment
    Monte Reyment
    Realtor, Real Estate Consultant, Investor
    Symes Realty LLC
    1721 School Lane
    Suamico WI 54173

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